The state of the blog

The state of the blog

I have been trying to keep up with this blog for a while now.  I have to be honest it isn’t working out all that well.  So I’ll be closing it down by next Wednesday.  But I’ll still be doing reviews and talking tea (sometimes) over at Gal In the Grey Hat.  So go on and have a look over there. It’s been fun here, but I don’t have it in me to keep up two blogs.


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Review of 100% Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil

Review of 100% Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil

Now I’ve actually had this product for over a month.  Apologies in advance to Pauline who reached out to ask if I wanted to try this out.  Of course I did, I’d used tea tree oil before, typically in shampoos, so why not try it again?

So I finally got around to using this in the last week or so.  Added bonus is it comes with a free guide with 53+ recipes to try out.  Which was awesome as I had…

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I’ve been under the weather…

I’ve been under the weather…

But the good news is I’ve received some Tea Tree Oil to try out and review.  So once I pick up a few needed supplies to make some of their suggested products I’ll post a review.

Stay tuned!

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Sipping on green tea (@Teavivre)

Sipping on green tea (@Teavivre)

I recently received green teas to review from Teavivre.  So many green teas.  Now I will tell you…green tea has NEVER been a favorite of mine.  I much prefer a black tea or pu-erh if I have the choice.  So I was a little nervous receiving so many green teas.  Now the company had sent me a sample of the teas I do like a few months back.  But something happened and I misplaced next to all of them.…

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Back to the leaf (@shortstouttea)

I will admit to being a poor tea drinker that last few weeks.  Somehow I’ve fallen back into drinking coffee (mostly in the morning).  Today I decided to do something about that.  I will admit that I still plan on drinking coffee…just first thing in the morning…at my house.  Because I can.

Once I get to work it is ALL about the leaf.  Sadly there isn’t a proper kettle there and I don’t plan on…

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Reviews to do!

Yes, I’ve been a HUGE review slacker as of late.  Not entirely true.  But still true.  Do you follow?  Right let me try this again.  I have written the reviews for the teas sent to me by Teavivre, but I haven’t taken the time to clean them up and post them here.  So that’s my plan this week.

Stay tuned.

Also major apology that this blog has taken a back burner to EVERYTHING else in my life.  I do…

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The Whistling Kettle Tea Lounge & Cafe {Review @whistlingkettle}

Last Sunday two of my lady friends and I decided to pay a visit to the new Troy location of The Whistling Kettle.  I have to say it is a beautiful space to stay and enjoy their afternoon tea.  But it’s also a nice place to stop into grab a quick cuppa to go.  I love the Ballston Spa location.  But the layout of the new space is so much better.  I didn’t get a whole lot of photos this trip,…

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Kiss Me Organics Matcha {Review}

Kiss Me Organics Matcha {Review}

A few weeks ago I was asked to review this product by Jessica at Kiss Me Organics, their product is only available via $25 gets you 4oz. of matcha as well as a copy of their recipe book sent to you electronically.  So I ordered my matcha with their voucher and it turned up in 2-3 days (as I used my free Prime shipping).  I then promptly got another cold.  Which put off my testing for a…

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Ethiopian Mocha Pu-erh ~ Tea Review {@whistlingkettle}

When I started my new job back in July ’13 I’d gotten into the nasty habit of drinking…coffee. I know, bad, bad. But I’ve been trying to kick that (slowly) by bringing some of my favorite teas to work and to make a thermos full of something before I leave in the morning.  I’ve also brought in some tea making goodies to make a proper cup.  As for the tea I’ve used to try and kick the coffee?  I’ve…

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Updates and Announcements

Hello new and old followers alike!

I’m sorry I’ve been quiet here for a bit.  But I was sick for close to a week and a half at the end of February/beginning of March…not good times.  But I did drink plenty of tea!

So I’m slowly getting back into the blogging.  I know I owe everyone a Taking Tea With and I’ll be working on that today in order to have it up to post on Tuesday.

I also am waiting on…

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